“When I draw I am in a heaven of my own!”. This quote is on the notice board in my studio. It is a saying from Fiep Westendorp whose drawings of Jip and Janneke will stay in mind of Dutch people forever.
Just like Fiep I love to draw. But I love to write too. That is why my art-works have lines as well as writing in it. And some of my writing looks like a drawing.
Do I recognise this ‘heaven of my own’ experience? I don’t know. Although the concentration with which I follow a line drawn by a stick dipped in ink, with which I repeat writing the same phrase until the paper is filled, is a nice way of experiencing time passing. You are present in that single moment and nowhere else.

Most of the time sketches are not meant to be shown to people. They are made to investigate things, to train eyes and hand, your skills or as a preliminary draft for a more serious piece of art. Sketches vanish or get lost.
There is also art which is intended or designed to be temporal. It is made to vanish. The art-work destroys itself or fades away due to the weather, nature or mankind.
From a temporal piece of art only a memory will remain. Perhaps a picture.

I came across the work of Gijs van Bon whose sandwriters write poems with sand in public spaces. Pieces of art sensitive to wind and rain. Fleeting and poetic.
This brought me to the sand drawings of Julian Richardson who produces these on the beach. They are visible till they are washed away by the tide. For those who have seen these drawings only the memory remains.

Some memories are indelible.

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